Leading the Retail Industry for 40 Years

About Soysal
With its 40 years of expertise, Soysal is the leading expert in the retail industry, performing as the center for retail training, consultancy and events.
Soysal serves the industry through its conferences, networking events, retail school programs, publications, mystery shopping and experience research services as well as curated content support.

In a challenging disruptive environment, Soysal aims to increase the competitive power of retailers through its variety of services including Soysal Retail School’s customized trainings, consultancy services enhancing business competence and Mystery Shopping and Experience Research services offering data and solutions for retailers.

Soysal also delivers superior business opportunities with its unique understanding of the industry; connecting retailers, brands, investors and developers worldwide. Soysal annually organizes two leading business events of the industry: Retail Days and Retail Leaders Conference. Retail Days being organized since 2001 is a global must attend event with its conference, exhibition and B2B meetings, hosting more than 10,000 retail executives worldwide. Retail Leaders Conference brings 100 retail leaders together to discuss retail’s new dynamics and set a course for its future.



Training and Soysal Retail School

Soysal Retail School supports companies aiming to develop their customer services by building up competent manpower in a competitive environment. Adopting the slogan “Everything in Retail is Human®” as a principle, we offer trainings responding to the unique needs of all retail teams in the industry.



With our highly competent team of consultants experienced in the retail industry, we aim to improve the competitive power of the companies we serve. We offer a wide range of consultancy services including Retail Management, Human Resources and Mergers & Acquisitions.


Mystery Shopping and Experience Research

Launched by Soysal for the first time 30 years ago, Mystery Shopping® and Experience Research offer control and measurement services at every point of customer journey.



Retail Days, the leading business event of the retail industry since 2001 and Retail Leaders Conference where the leaders of Retail Industry come together every year, offer tremendous opportunities for idea and experience exchange, networking and collaboration by bringing all the decision makers of the sector together.

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We are leading retail industry and shape its future.