The largest platform for bringing together leading speakers from Turkey and the world, new applications, solution-oriented discussions, unlimited networking and cooperation possibilities.

Retail Days

Retail Days is one of the most distinguished organizations of retail industry in the international arena since 2001.

With exhibition, B2B Hall, conference and Retail Sun Awards; Retail Days is the international annual gathering of retail industry providing a big opportunity for key decision makers come together for two days, share ideas and insights with industry peers, establish new business relations, explore network opportunities and grow existing business.

Retail Days is the biggest gathering of Retail and Digital E-Commerce Ecosystem annually organized in Istanbul for two days, with more than 10.000+ C-level attendees. Retail Days brings together retail industry leaders from a variety of retail roles, shopping centers, technology companies shaping the future of retail and e-commerce world and suppliers.

Retail Days is a must-attend event offering a unique opportunity for developing business.

Retail Days, from retailers to shopping malls, e-commerce and technology companies, suppliers of the industry,


The exhibition brings together a wide range of companies showing cutting edge solutions, exhibiting the most effective services and tools to retailers. It is an international platform offering exclusive networking and deal making opportunities for retailers and technology companies.


The Retail Days Conference is inspiring and lighting the way for the new era with keynote and stage sessions.

B2B Hall

Meet your potential customers, build new cooperations and expand your business.

Retail Sun Awards

Retail Sun Awards are the most prestigious awards given to the successful, good examples and respected representatives of the industry

Spacial Activities

Special luncheons, networking events and cocktails.


After two days hardworking, big entertainment with the biggest stars.

Retail Leaders Conference

Retail Leaders Conference brings 100 retail leaders together to discuss retail’s new dynamics and set a course for its future.

Retail Leaders Conference, with its first-class organization, idea sharing, and establishing new business relations, is one of the most effective events in retail.

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